Buddhist Relics


Relics can take many forms, but in the Buddhist tradition, when a great master dies and is cremated, their compassion takes on a a form which we can see and feel. This is what is referred to as a relic, or "ringsal" in Tibetan. These relics, or ringsel, spontaneously spill out of their bodies during their cremation or burial rites. Ringsel of different beings or different parts of the same  Bodhisattva’s body are different colors including, but not limited to pure white, brown, copper, or different shades of grey.

The ultimate sign of a Bodhisattva is selfless giving, and the appearances of ringsel in our world suggest that this generosity continues even after death. The opportunity that ringsel offer to us is  is life-altering. When venerating the ringsel, we can gain great merit ourselves as we dedicate our prayers to the welfare of all sentient beings.ringsal

We generally do not hear much about ringsel as they are kept quietly and passed from master to student. Now with the Wheel of the Dharma expanding to embrace the entire world, we have opportunities to see and to obtain ringsel that were once kept in private collections. The ringsel we have are individually enshrined in a 1” crystal stupa.

These beautiful relics were donated to the Opportunity Kham Foundation to help fund a school for Nomad children living in the Ka-Xiong Valley in Nangchen prefecture in Kham, Tibet. The relics come from His Eminence Sakya Ngor Ewam Phende Rinpoche through the generosity of one of his students. Knowing that we needed books, clothing, medical supplies and food for the school children the student donated some relics to us. 

Our supply is very small and we believe that they will be owned only by those whose karma is ripe to receive them. We offer them for a one-time donation of $4,000.00 or more. We understand that the economy is difficult so please contact us if you wish to make a different offer. All donations will go to fund the Ka-Xiong Valley School and are tax-deductible. Due to the economy and the need for donations that will benefit the school we will evaluate any reasonable offer. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to make an offer.