The Ka-Xiong Valley School

 We are very excited about the Ka-Xiong Valley School! It is the very first school in the valley and a testament to the determination and dreams of the Venerable Drikung Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche, who has strong ties to the area. In the past, Rinpoche's father was the last Chieftain of the Nangchen Drongme people which included all the people in the Ka-Xiong valley.  In addition, Rinpoche is the head of the local Monastery in Ka-Xiong, the Ka-Tashigon Monastery.

 Because of his heritage, Gyalpo Rinpoche has a steadfast interest in the welfare of the Nomad people living in the Valley. A widely travelled lama, Rinpoche knows that education is the key to a sustainable culture for the Nomad people. In the past, there was no school that accomodated the lifestyle of the Nomad children, who moved with their families as the family needed to find better pasture for their yaks, sheep and goats. Now, through Rinpoche's efforts, the children of the Ka-Xiong Valley have a safe boarding school

 One summer evening both Tashi and I walked along with Rinpoche during his nightly walk. This particular evening he shared his dream of building a school especially for the nomad children of the valley. This idea resonated with Tashi, who like other children of the Ka-Xiong Valley never went to school. When we came to the United States,Tashi lacked even the most basic skills. Determined to learn, Tashi enrolled in night school and pushed himself to excel. All the struggling paid off when Tashi earned certificates in the field of Microelectronic Technology.

Walking along, listening to Rinpoche, we knew that we found a cause that we could embrace with enthusiasm. The traditional nomadic and farming way of life is now becoming more difficult to sustain, and Tibetans find it hard to compete in the modern job market. The extreme poverty of the area means that the the schoolchildren of Ka-Xiong depended entirely on donations to cover the costs of food, warm clothing, medical care and classroom expenses. 

Even though the dollar goes far when spending it overseas, building and running a school is a burden for a small group of individuals.But by opening the door and inviting other people to join in, all tasks become doable. So now we invite you to join us to change the lives of a handful of schoolchildren, their families and their community. Welcome onboard!