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Tashi Delek and Welcome!

The Opportunity Kham Foundation is a 501(c) 3, non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to providing well-baby medical care, community health programs and educational programs to the younger of our precious target base. For the adults, we offer basic education and vocational skills training and community health training. At present we focus our efforts to the Tibetan Nomad community of Nangchen County, Kham. We believe that the Khampa

 people who have lived so independently and so long in the harsh environment of the Tibetan Plateau bring many skills and knowledge to the table, and are themelves, the best assest we have. By involving individuals and communities in the work we do, we can draw on the Khampas great knowledge of their culture and environment. This will create changes that will last; helping this generation of families, and future generations as well. We are glad that you are spending some time with us to learn about the Ka-Xiong Valley, the people that live there, and some of the history of the valley culture as well. Browse the pages, ask all the questions you like; ww actively respond to our email. Thank you for your visit. Come back often!

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Relics can take many forms, but in the Buddhist tradition, when a great master dies and is cremated, their compassion takes on a a form which we can see and feel. This is what is referred to as a relic, or "ringsal" in Tibetan. These relics, or ringsel, spontaneously spill out of their bodies during their cremation or burial rites. Ringsel of different beings or different parts of the same  Bodhisattva’s body are different colors including, but not limited to pure white, brown, copper, or different shades of grey.

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